I offer integrated body massage – including Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Thai massage and facilitated stretching in St Johns wood, London and Reading, Berkshire. And if you own your own massage table I can provide mobile treatments in your home in Reading and can travel to most of London for a travel fee.


Bodywork Energy System

Why would you come to see me?


People come with a range of physical and emotion conditions such as back, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries, digestive or reproductive issues and stress, anxiety or worry. People also come for relaxation, pleasure, self development and learning or to maintain good health and optimum performance. After treatments it is common for you to experience peace of mind, increased energy, better sleep and a general feeling of bodily lightness and well-being.


How I work


Sessions usually last an hour and start with a simple chat about why you came, some general health background and what you want from the session. What follows will depend on what type of treatment you want and what you hope to gain from the session. Fusing together techniques from Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Sports massage, Deep tissue and various other systems I have studied over the years I create a unique holistic treatment just for you. I work on a massage table with you fully clothed so it is best to wear something comfortable that doesn’t restrict your movement.



Where I work


London –
The Kailash Centre, St Johns Wood


Reading, Berkshire –
The Therapy Centre, Reading


If you would like to book a session or speak to me personally pick up the phone 07905890475 or write me an email leigh@bodywork.uk.com.