Chi Nei Tsang_LogoI work on a massage table but don’t often use oil so you can remain fully clothed. I find this best for comfort and flexibility of treatment. It is best to wear something warm and comfortable that doesn’t restrict your movement. Sessions usually last an hour and start with a simple chat about why you came and what you want from the session. What follows will depend on you as I fuse together techniques from Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Thai Massage and various other systems I have studied to create a unique holistic treatment to give you what you need.


I started studying bodywork over 10 years ago and have now studied over 6 different bodywork & energy healing systems. I have an extensive bank of techniques and approaches to deal effectively with a wide range of conditions. I am at ease working just on the energetic/emotional level or very physically using deep tissue and sports massage techniques, usually I use a blend as different parts of the body have different needs.
Chi Nei Tsang
My treatments main focus these days is the health of your abdomen and internal organs. This area is the core of your being, contains most of your internal organs and reflects your general health and well-being. Vital systems such as your digestive, breathing, circulation and reproductive systems are involved with the health of your abdomen. In fact all of these system support each other. For instance when your diaphragm is relaxed and free of tension it will rise and fall, gently massaging and aiding your digestive system, encouraging better absorption and reducing conditions such as constipation. This gentle expansion and contraction of the abdomen also aides blood return from the legs and eases the work done by the heart. In eastern exercise systems this pulsing effect is called ‘the second heart’. This in turn improves circulation which promotes a healthy reproductive system.

All dis-ease in the body seems to show it’s self in the abdomen and often it is the root of the dysfunction. In the east this area is of great importance as it contains your energetic centre. By working to restore natural breathing, cleaning out tension and improving circulation the effect on the mind, body and emotions can’t be underestimated. Come along and try for yourself and see how much better you feel afterwards.



Where I work


London –
The Kailash Centre, St Johns Wood


Reading, Berkshire –
The Therapy Centre, Reading


If you would like to book a session or speak to me personally pick up the phone 07905890475 or write me an email