Chi Nei TsangChi Nei Tsang is a blend of Thai and Chinese massage and ancient meditation techniques. A very effective and unique form of bodywork which works directly on the abdomen, organs and their associated emotions. The abdomen contains our energetic and physical centres, an area sometimes referred to as our second brain, the importance of this area to our overall health can not be overstated.


Modern life leads to an accumulation of toxins, emotions, twists and tangles in the abdomen. This accumulation may show up as digestive dysfunction, aches/pains, lack of energy, backache, feelings of malaise, worry, stress or anxiety, in fact in too may ways to mention. Chi Nei Tsang unwinds the tensions, relaxes, detoxifies and generally restores natural energy flow to the area. The result is a much healthier system and a more relaxed body and mind.


I use a lot of Chi Nei Tsang during my treatments in fact it is the foundation system that I use.  A typical treatment focuses on the different layers of the abdomen although other areas of the body are also treated. Shallow and deep massage techniques are used and more subtle work takes place on the energy and emotional body. I combine Chi Nei Tsang with Shiatsu and Thai Massage techniques to support the work on the abdomen and the organs. Loose comfortable clothing is recommended which allows access to the abdomen as some techniques work best directly on the skin and oil is sometimes used. People come for treatments with all manner of ailments but it is often received for pleasure or as part of a weight loss or detox programme.


Unlike most massage treatments the treatment dynamic is also about education. The practitioner is not healing as such but awakening and working with the student’s natural healing ability. Therefore the power for future healing is in the hands of the client and the healing can continue long after the sessions finish.


Where I work


London –
The Kailash Centre, St Johns Wood


Reading, Berkshire –
The Therapy Centre, Reading


Chi Nei Tsang at Home –


I am only able to offer home visits to provide Chi Nei Tsang if you have your own a massage table. Tables can be bought for about £80 and I can advise on which table to buy.



If you would like to book a session or speak to me personally pick up the phone 07905890475 or write me an email